Urban Farming at “Upaj”

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about urban farming and the solution it provides for sustainable and healthy living.

We are in the mist of a revolution.  A food revolution to transform our industrial food system into local food systems that grow healthy, ripe in season food, provide local jobs and build community.  There are many ways to participate from shopping at your local farmers market and supporting your local farmer to joining a community garden, growing your own and becoming an urban farmer.

While it’s delightful to garden if you have a large backyard space, for many people that’s simply not the reality. However, just because you don’t have the benefit of a large backyard, it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow some of your own food. Many smaller edibles, like herbs and cherry tomatoes, can be grown in standard planting pots. In many cities, urban and community gardens have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years so that local residents can work together to grow their own healthy, fresh and sustainable food. Whether it means starting a garden or simply growing some tomatoes in a plant pot, every piece of food that you grow on your own is a step towards a more sustainable future. Plus, food that you grow yourself always somehow tastes better.

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Then there is you and I…just what can we do?  The notion of becoming an urban farmer is actually a quite simple three step process.

UPAJ” community urban farming provides the simple three step process of learning to become an urban farmer.

1.  Grow food.

2.  Share food.

I suspect if you are growing food then you are already sharing it.  So the hard work is done. Step three is the fun part.

3.  Name your farm.

We are called to put our very lives into the mix for the sake of the next generation. Our passion is to see life cultivated in the urban core.

UPAJ community urban farming has broaden its horizon to a highly commendable cause of organic living or you can say green living.

Remember?? when I wrote my 1st blog about “10 things to do this summer”, and one of them being  to learn how to be an urban farmer.

Well am happy to be having achieved that. I haven’t been very regular student though, but the knowledge that which has been gathered from UPAJ was truly informative. Its an eye opener to the fact, that we spend out extensively on organic food, products etc. but how about learning something about it???

We took up “Rent a Kitchen” course for 3 months and are still continuing for another couple of months. We learnt about Soil, harvesting, natural kitchen based fertilizers and pest controls, grown couple of seasonal veggies. which we would take home generously every time we went there, as well as learnt some surprising details which leads to the correct method of growing your vegetable garden. It was an amazing experience. Every time we got there it got us into a world of just green living.

I think its highly important to take some time out from our busy scheduled and fancy lives to learn something which is futuristic and is definitely going to soon change the course of organic living and healthy survival.

The only message this experience will give you is, the blissful opportunity to learn to be an urban farmer in-order to try our own Organic food, as our grandparents called it “Food”.

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